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Rear Urq Calipers Options UPDATE - TROUBLE

Well, I assembled all the bits I needed this week, and successfully
"rebuilt" the readriveside caliper yesterday afternoon.  No real
problems other than doing it for the first time.

Started on the passenger side this morning, expecting it to go much
quicker, having done one and generally looking in better shape.....

Phil. the answer to the one chewed pad comes in the form of a seized
piston (perhaps originally caused by the guide pins lack of movement?).

Is there any way I can get it out, and for that matter any point?  I
gather that separate pistons are not available, and the bore is probably
also damaged.

Does this mean a new caliper, or are there any other options?

Anyone out there got a rear caliper in working order they want to get
rid of?


John Corbs
'83 Urq