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Re: (more of) Re: 1984 URQ, not exactly what I was expecting...

In message <004501be1bd6$300f1a40$970056d4@joukoh.vtoy.fi> "Jouko Haapanen" writes:

> The list is longish, but given that I bought the car in May of '98 and took
> it into the shop the week after midsummer, it should be.  Next weekend is
> looking like the memorable weekend to go pick it up.  There will be more
> items as I remember or once it gets on the road, but what the hell - I knew
> what I was getting into.

Plus the personal labout (especially on an MB) since so few mechanics
understand them.

Little bit of fun yesterday evening - Charles Adair took his car for a
test drive on the A5 with Roger and myself, also in MBs, acting as
chase and benchmark.  After we'd worked the cars for a bit, we drove to
the Cavalier in Lutterworth.  Apparently the entire bar heard three I5s
'idling down' to cool the turbos before we went in.

 Phil Payne
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