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Re: (more of) Re: 1984 URQ, not exactly what I was expecting...


which factory repair manuals have you acquired?  I've got the engine
mechanicals and the drivetrain now, waiting for the engine electrical.  I
don't see much need for the body/interior books, but I guess I'll try to get
my hands on the wiring diagrams, which we apparently don't have at our shop
either.  I only wish they would bother to update the old wiring diagrams to
the newer (slightly) more legible style.

The rarity of the MB is such that the only repair manuals in the country
(outside of mine) reside with my friend in Helsinki, the resident Audi
Finland technical guru.  I wish he was such with the MB as well.


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>Plus the personal labout (especially on an MB) since so few mechanics
>understand them.