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Re: 1985 Coupe Odometer

> Hi, I just bought a 1985 Coupe and am replacing all the little broken things.
> One of them is the odometer.  That is one unit connected to the speedometer,
> right?  Also, is it pretty straightforward to get the control panel face off
> and put the new speedometer unit in?  It doesn't look too hard, but I haven't
> tried it yet.  And finally, what should I expect to pay for the speedometer on
> the 85 Coupe?

1 - one unit.

2a - pain in the butt, the earlier dash was easier to take apart...
anyway I have undeveloped pix of some of this.  Take cover off, remove
electrical connectors and speedo drive cable, undo two screws, inst
cluster is in your hands.  a bunch of little screws later, the front
cover  is off the cluster and the speedo is separated from the cluster
btw to my shock I discovered the little hex head screws are SAE not
metric!  really! .  I got lucky with my '85, the odo shaft was just
pushed out a little from the right side I think, I pushed it back and
the gear engages again.  Not much mileage since to really test.  It
looked like a harder odo to pull apart and scratch/clean/glue than the
ealier ones I've messed with.

2b - anyway, easy enough to swap the speedo at this point.

3 - I bought a 120 mph unit for my 82 for $75 at Shokan a few years
ago.  (I had bought an alternator, discovered it was just brushes/vreg
that was needed, and they took it back in trade).  Now I have two
spares... but they are for earlier years than yours.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT