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Re: your mail

On 29 Nov 1998, Christopher Gharibo wrote:

:|1. Since I do not smoke, I use the ashtray as a coinholder.  However, some
:|coins slide overthe tray and go into the center console.  I just removed about
:|$5 worth of coins.  Now, I'd like to use the coins to buy smoething that will
:|prevent the coins from sliding into the the center console.  Any ideas?

	excellent!  i noticed a $2.74 rebate on my coupe when 
	i opened up the center console ;)

:it helped, but I think still further work needs to be done. Any hints on what
:|I should to decrease the generalized creaks/rattles coming from the back. 

	i have noticed here and there in my coupe the po's
	have laid down adhesive felt (brown that matches the
	interior, even) in various places.  often the places 
	are meeting points for metal or plastic components.
	i bet this is to eliminate squeaks and things - give 
	it a shot.

 rocky mullin
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