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Re: Caliper from audi 90 to A4

Elliott Potter wrote:
> The 90 has a two piston caliper in front and a one piston caliper in
> back--I thought the A4 has the same setup?  Does the A4 not use the
> Girling G60 calipers?

No, it doesn't. I think the rear calipers are the same, but the fronts
were "from" the 1992-96 100/A6: single-piston.

> If they are in fact different, I don't think that it should be too hard
> to do, since they appear to be the same size in both cars.  One thing to

Not clear. The A4 calipers appear to have a greater swept area than
the G60s (larger diameter rotors).

> check would be how many brake lines the A4 has--the 90 has TWO lines to
> each caliper, front and back.

I don't think so. There's a single line to each caliper. You may be
thinking of the rubber hose sections, though: there are two rubber
hoses in each of the single lines to each caliper...

1993 90CS 70k miles