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Re: Brake Warning Light

In message <366185c60d8f058@mhub3.tc.umn.edu> Bruce G Plante writes:

> 1)Brake Warning Light (the red triangle! from the auto check system) comes
> on temporailly during some brake applications at low RPMs and then goes off.
> Dealer said it was common for older pumps "temporary reduction in pressure".
> The warning sound is bother some however and I would like to disconnect if
> possible.

You have a major defect in the braking system and your reaction is to
disable the warning system?

Your problem is almost certainly a bad pressure accumulator.  Audi's
recommendation, if you see the red light during normal driving, is
that the car be flat-bedded to the nearest dealer.  Failing that, it
should be driven there at no more than 50kph.

Let me assure you that running out of assist in an emergency is an
extremely frightening and dangerous experience - if it's such a bad
emergency that the ABS engages, it becomes truly terrifying _INSTANTLY_.

The car is dangerous - do NOT drive it.

 Phil Payne
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