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Misc Ramblings

Hello all, just back from a 5 day Thanksgiving weekend. Couple of things
to comment on.

First, to all who are thinking about getting the AllData CD, don't order
it over the web. I was out Xmas shopping and found it at Kmart (of all
places!). It is displayed as a Popular Mechanics automotive CD, but if
you read the fine print on the back, there is mention of copyright by
AllData. Instead of the $25 (?) you would pay over the web, it's only
$17.99 + tax. Of course this only applies to those of us in the USofA,
and maybe Canada. You still have to call in on a toll free number to
register the CD (wanna bet it's an AllData number?).

Second, "Fargo" ranks right up there with "Dumb and Dumber" in my humble
opinion, I watched about 20 minutes of it and switched the channel, glad
I never rented the video.

Third, 29.6mpg from a '93 90S V6! I have no idea how I managed that. The
trip out involved speeds from dead stop in traffic to 95mph out on I94
in Wisconsin. Most of the time I tried to follow behind fast moving
traffic, but occasionally I got out front myself. I managed to almost
repeat the mileage on the return trip (29.2mpg).

Fourth, I replaced the restrictive air intake tube between the air
deflector behind the headlight and the air filter box with a piece of 3
inch ABS pipe. Took most of an afternoon of dinking around to make it
fit. The main problem was getting the hole right in the deflector, the
filter box was easy. The engine now seems to have a bit more "life", I
find it very easy to bring the revs up to 3500 before shifting, whereas
before I usually only went up to 3000rpms, unless I was in a hurry. I
also removed and cleaned out the plastic plenum leading up to the
throttle body, specifically the tubes that scavenge blow by gases from
the cylinder heads. "Carb cleaner" type spray will not melt this plastic
tube. I'll probably write up a brief description for Elliot Potter's 12V
Page, but in the mean time if anyone needs advice on it, drop me a line.

NOTE for E. Potter: I haven't forgotten about the gage cluster R&R, will
try to get both write ups done soon. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera
this weekend so I don't have any "in progress" pictures of the air tube
upgrade, I will take some of how it looks now, once we get a sunny day.

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