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Help - Broken Odometer

The odometer on my 1988 90q broke Saturday.  I suspect I spaced out and
reset it while moving.  I thought that was a problem for the mechanically
driven units, but evidently also applies to the electronic ones.  A search
of my archived printouts of past list knowledge reveals that I have printed
nothing on this subject.  Definitions follow:  

For the purposes of my questions, the speedometer/odometer assembly is
composed of two parts and three subassemblies:  speedometer indicator
needle, speedometer dial, underlying plastic faceplate, plastic "cube" with
mechanical components, and a circuit board containing the odometer drive
motor.   To examine the drive gearing, it appears necessary to remove the
circuit board, but this cannot be done without removing the cube from the
faceplate to allow clearance for a capacitor.  Removal of the cube from the
faceplate appears to requre removal of the needle and dial.  However, using
all the force that I thought would just avoid breaking something, I was
unable to remove the needle from its shaft.

My questions are as follows.  Is the needle removable in anyone's
experience?  If so, how do I best remove it?  If not, is there some other
approach that can be used to access the gears?  If I can get to them, what
is likely to be the problem?  The fix?


                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
                              2 x 1988 90q
                          New Hampshire USA