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Re: Max hp for fwd

Todd Young writes:
> This talk about 200hp being the most you can put through the front
> wheels is a lot of crap. Case in point, early 70's in the US, Olds
> Toronado with a 455cid large block turning the front wheels. I know for
> a fact that a 455cid motor, even in stock trim, puts out more than
> 200hp. I can't recall ever hearing of somebody killing themselves just
> because they had a car with more that 200hp turning the front wheels.

No, it's not that someone might kill themselves, but having that much
power through only the front is an exercise in futility.  During
acceleration the center of gravity shift rearwards and the front would
simply lose traction.  If you like to spin your tires all day then
I guess that's fine...

However, that didn't stop some car makers from building such cars,
and not every car makers are known to build cars that make sense... :)

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