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That time of year..

Accompanied the wife to the Costco and BJ's wholesale 
this weekend, they had some interesting stuff that 
might be of interest to like minded Qlisters: 


Porsche: The Fine Art of the Sports Car
Lucinda Lewis (Photographer)

Price: $24.99
Hardcover, 336pp. 
ISBN:  1571451358 
Publisher:  Abbeville Press, Incorporated 
Pub. Date:  September 1990 

LARGE format book, impressive looking, would
make an excellent gift for a Porsche-phile. 
Can't get a shifter knob for this price, book
looks like you spent $100 for it.

The other was: 

The Encyclopedia of Cars
Chris Horton

Price: $18.79
Hardcover, 752pp. 
ISBN:  0785810153 
Publisher:  Book Sales 
Pub. Date:  September 1998 
A keeper, lots of info on dead
marquis and live ones.

There were also a few "coffee table" auto books,
at good prices.  

Since they usually buy universally across the 
country, Costco had many new Maisto models in 
stock (no Audis..), mostly Mercyless Benz,
1/18 scale, the usual $9.99. (vs. up to $29 in
retail outlets)

BJ's wholsale had lots of new Bburago models too,
1/18 scale, same price.  Picked up a few Porsches
I didn't have.  

Tis the season...

BTW-received my Autoweek today, my 15 minutes of
non-fame, the glassy-eyed "bullet proof
mobile home" ad was submitted by me.  NO, I'm
not the advertiser, just sent the ad..if any
lister happens to need a mobile home that will
deflect a 50cal round, I do have the original
800 number. 



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