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Re: 1/18th scale TT models are here!

In a message dated 11/30/98 12:07:51 PM EST, jafriedman@kpmg.com writes:

<< The dark grey sounds like it might be the Neiman Marcus special edition
 color.  What info do you have on Exoticar -- I'd like to order one.  Thanks.
 -- Jeff Friedman
    '90 V8Q
    '00 TT N-M (on order) >>

They have a website at www.exoticarmodel.com. You can order a catalog from
there or just see a text page on the diff cars they offer. There's also a UT
1/18 scale model of the Audi A4 Touring Biela car at www.sportcraftcars.com
that you should check out.

 Darin Gandionco
 '98 A4 1.8T