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Re: spring for fresh air flap

Robert -

200 272 200	Heavy steel bracket
443 271 241	return spring, recirc flap
433 271 263A	door seal

These were the parts I got, as Orin Eman kindly told me. You may only
need that spring, but check to see that the vacuum piston is still
connected to its plastic bracket. If not, you'll also need the
ridiculously thick steel bracket that fixes this problem. And you might
replace the door seal while you're at it.

It's very nice to have all these things working right! Thanks to all for
help on them.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 151k

"R.T." wrote:
> I've got an audi 100 with the problem of the foggy windows.
> I know what the problem is, yes the spring of the fresh air flap behind
> the glove-box.
> But my audi dealer doesn't know what I mean and say's he needs the
> article number
> for the spring.
> Can anybody help me please!!!!!!!!!
> Robert
> beulvanb@wish.net