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82 Coupe clutch questions.

Hi All,

I am in the middle of doing my third clutch replacement on my '82
Coupe.  In putting it back together I am paying close attention to
everything so that I might be able to figure out why it fails so
often (~50K miles).  The clutch activation arm on the side of the
transmission is pictured in the Bentley manual as 7 19/32 inches
away from the clutch cable bracket on the engine.  Mine is much
further than this.  If I swing the arm up to where the throw out
bearing contacts the diaphragm spring in the pressure plate then it
is about this distance.  Under what conditions is this measurement
specified for?  I assume that it would be for when the arm is relaxed
as is shown in the picture.  In which case mine is set incorrectly.
Previously the clutch cable had to be put to the end of it's adjustment
range to get the proper amount of free play at the pedal.  I assume that
if the arm is brought up then the clutch cable adjustment could be moved

It looks like the throw out bearing has about 3/4" or so total travel and
that it takes almost 0.5" before it contacts the spring.  How far should
it push into the diaphragm spring?

My clutch always fails with a broken diaphragm spring.  I let this one go
so long that a finger was actually broken off.  I wonder if my throw out
bearing is going too far.  Sometimes it looks like it gets hung up in there
and the little mounting springs get ripped off and bent.

Any ideas?

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe

Massachusetts, USA