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Re: Post-Thanksgiving Winter maintenance for the 100 S

Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:

> At 17:28 28.11.98 -0800, Timothy Penasack wrote:
> >1. Oil leak from the front seal (Again!) - 2 years ago when I joined the
> >list I an oil leak from the front seal. I had the seal replaced plus a new
> >T-belt and idler pulley installed by a Euro shop in Stoneridge, NY about
> >18-20 months ago. Well it looks like the leak is back.  Assuming that I
> >didn't get another bad seal put in, are there any ideas out there for other
> >reasons for the leak?  Its not that bad yet. I haven't been able to measure
> >the loss yet.
> On high mileage engines the seal sometimes wears a groove in the
> crankshaft's sealing surface. On some engines (dunno about your V6) it is
> possible to install the seal a little bit deeper so it contacts undamaged
> surface. It is also possible that the crankshaft has been scored by
> uncompetent mechanic who did the job last time.

About the possible groove in the crankshaft....

There are kits available that have a new seal and a sleeve that is forced onto
the crankshaft, the sleeve creates a new surface for the seal. The sleeve itself
is tight enough to the crank that no oil can leak out between the sleeve and the
crank. The sleeve has to be driven onto the crankshaft with the appropriate tool
or pipe. There's no need to worry about damaging components in the process of
driving on the sleeve, it's tight, but thin metal that allows it to stretch
slightly to conform to the crankshaft. I have personally seen these kits used
with great results, unfortunately I can't remember the manufacturer's name.

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