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RE: 1991 Audis

David said

> This is assuming US spec only!
> If it is a slushbox, it isn't a quattro. I am fairly certain the only
> type 44 turbos with sticks were 5K's. For 89-91, turbos would have
> slushbox only, and quattros, 5-speed only.
5 speeds on 86 thru 89 5kcst's.  All the 5kcst 5sp I've seen are 86's (Grand
Total of 2, including mine).  I think Steve has an 87.  The 5sp turbo may be
the rarest American Audi (exc maybe the V8 5sp).  I've seen more 5sp V8's


Gary Lewis 
88 5kcstq 1.8 bar 108km Pearl w/Fuchs
86 5Kcst 5sp 1.4 Bar 202km Sapphire
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