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Show it to the dealer if it goes below MIN

If the typical list member followed that advice and showed his car to
the dealer each time the level went below the MIN mark, the list would 
have a lot fewer members .........
>Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 11:00:55 -0700
>From: "Matt Daniels" <matt@sumus.com <mailto:matt@sumus.com> >
>Subject: Power steering fluid questions
>I discovered this weekend that the level of power steering fluid on my '93
>90S V6 was below the MIN marker, I purchased the mineral oil based fluid
>from the dealer and topped it off (just below the MAX marker). Upon reading
>the owners manual, it states that if it goes below the MIN mark "it is not
>sufficent to just add power steering fluid" and that I should have it
>at by the dealer. What is the deal if it goes below the MIN mark and why
>isn't it sufficent to just top it off? Is it anything to worry about? After
>adding the fluid my steering seemed a little tighter than it has been for
>the past few months.