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Re: coolant return line from turbo-200q

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>

>And anyone who thinks the 200TQ is a 'bear to get to' should try the
>MB for size.  Photos of the engine bay on Scott Mockry's web site.

I dont think that people with non-MB engined Ur quattros realise how lucky
they are to have all that extra space around the engine. Saturday morning I
had to tighten the alternator belt on the MB - 20 minutes into the job my
neighbour asked "Car trouble?", I explained what I was doing, "Why is it on
stands then?" he asked and then shook his head after I pointed out exactly
what I was trying to get to. Then on Sunday he came over again to watch as I
removed bits from the WR (he's really helpful - not) he spent a good hour
walking backwards and forwards between the two cars comparing the different
engine compartments. He couldn't believe it, the WR not having ABS makes a
difference of course, but the lack of any real space on the MB had him
shaking his head again....

Jim Haseltine