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Re: O2 Sensor switch


Your O2 sensor is not holding back your car from going faster. From your
description, the mixture needs minor adjustment.

Running the engine rich is okay for hardcore racing, but in real life,
(your car) a rich mixture will eventually cook your catalylitic converter
(or however you spell it) and accelerate wear in the cylinders from excess
gasoline washing the oil away.

> From: Jeremiah Curry <jeremiahcurry@sprintmail.com>
> To: quattro club <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: O2 Sensor switch
> Date: Thursday, January 11, 1996 3:20 PM
> Fellow Audi Fans!,
>     I have noticed that if I disconnect my O2 sensor the car runs richer,
> and therefore faster, it also runs much better when cold.  So my question
> this:  would it work to make a switch so I could engage or disengage the
> sensor?  This might not be neccasary if the enrichment unit worked
> but I'm not sure it does.
> Thanks
> Jeremiah Curry
> '84 Coupe GT (2.1 L engine)