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RE: 4kCSQ differential question

Yes, the lock is vacuum actuated on the '85 4kSQ.  There are two lines that
go from the vacuum switch on the console to the actuator.  Do you know for a
fact that the diff does not lock ... or is it true that the light doesn't
come on?  Try putting the switch into the position where both diffs are told
to lock and drive the car around a bit to give them a chance to lock.  Now,
make a very tight turn with the windows rolled down and listen for a lot of
wheel scrubbing and difficulty to turn.  If you don't experience any
difference, then it is true that the diff is not locking.  It could be that
there is a break in the vacuum line or the switch itself, but I would
suspect a leak in the vacuum actuator itself (or perhaps the linkage to the
diff).  If you can tell that the diff is locking then it means that the
light circuit is faulty.  I had a similar situation on the QTC where there
was a dsiconnected ground under the back seat, but since the 4k doesn't have
the battery down there it is not likely to be the same.  It could be a
burned out bulb, bad or disconnected switch or a ground problem ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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> From: 	Cory Meyer[SMTP:corymeyer@usa.net]
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> Subject: 	RE:  4kCSQ differential question
> Speaking of the differential... I can't get my rear to lock up.... I asked
> a
> mechanic about it and he said I should never need it... (he doesn't know
> me
> too well) My 4ksq is an 85'.  Is the rear differential controlled by a
> vacuum?
> Cory Meyer
> 85' Audi 4ksq
> >Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 14:52:06 -0500
> >From: Robert_Manger@mastercard.com
> >Subject: 4kCSQ differential question.
> >
> >I have noticed that I can not lock either differential >on my 4kCSQ.
> This
> >is a new thing, since  I bought the car it worked.  Is >there something
> >simple to look for?  I already checked the fuse.  Where >do I start to
> look
> >?
> >
> >Rob