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5kcst fender found, along with eruo lights!!!

Hi Audi Fans,

Thanks for all the reply regarding my 5kcst fender questions. After
knowing that the 5k fender is interchangeable with 5kcst, a good friend
of mine helped me locate a '85 5k at the local junk yard. So I decided
to check out that 5k before making phone calls. 

It turned out that 5k was really in good condition, I couldn't find any
body damage at all. So my brother and I decided to take the fender off
and head back to home. I don't know if I was that lucky or not but while
I was busy taking off the bumper, my brother told me he notice the "H4"
marks on both of the headlights!! Interestingly, the brake light cluster
on that 5k is also Euro version 'cauz it has the rear fog light
installed. Man, where the heck is that 5k came from??

A futher inspection proved that those headlights are 100% rare H4 animal
from Europe(and they almost like new)!! Wihtout a hesitation, I yanked
them off along with the front grill and fender. I installed the lights,
front grill and fender a day after. Man, I can tell you, my car
definitely looks odd right now (5k head, 5kcst tail) but I can see much
better at night. Those H4 lights are really good. Thanks Audi god, may
be...  : )


Albert Ng
'87 5kcst