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Re[2]: your mail

On 29 Nov 1998, Christopher Gharibo wrote:

:|1. Since I do not smoke, I use the ashtray as a coinholder.  However, some 
:|coins slide overthe tray and go into the center console.  I just removed about
:|$5 worth of coins.  Now, I'd like to use the coins to buy smoething that will 
:|prevent the coins from sliding into the the center console.  Any ideas?

I have a '93 90CS and I found a coin holder that fits right into the ash tray 
compartment.  It has six coin slots 2 X 3 and wood trim, I found it in a 
National Auto store.  The best part is that when you slip the coins out they 
fall right through the hole in the front of the tray compartment! 

I'm not sure if the ash tray is the same or not, but I'm sure you can find 
something similar.

Dean F.
'93 90CS 68K -for sale-
'95 S6 -waiting to pickup-