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'93 90 CS Questions

My '93 90 CS is nearly complete after a collision a few weeks ago.  The
local dealership's body shop has done very good work for me and I should
have it back before the end of the week.  I plan to complete a couple
projects on the car once I get it back:

1.  Upgrade the stock speakers and possibly add an amplifier (Sony in
dash CD) to get better bass response.  Comments?  Suggestions?
2.  Getting the car detailed inside and out to freshen it up and match
the new front end paint job.  Comments?  Suggestions?
3.  New tires (maybe wheels too?) are needed soon.  I currently have the
stock 15" alloy wheels with Yokohama 205/60R15 tires -- fine tires but
they're wearing out after only 15k miles.  16" custom wheels and some
nice tires would be just what the car needs, but $$$$$!  Again,
comments?  Suggestions?

Needless to say, after spending the past month driving rental '99
Maxima, a '99 Intrepid and a '98 Stratus, I am more than ready to get
back into a "driving" car.  If you're ever pissed off with your older
Audi, rent something new from your local car rental place for a weekend.
Sure makes you appreciate the caliber of the Audis.

'93 90CS
'91 90Q 20V
'87 CGT
'83 CGT