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Re: Windshield with built in antenna

My V8Q windshield was 850 US... get the German glass. 
MUCH better than the aftermarket stuff. BTDT. Your insurance co. will 
prolly yelp - mine did, but insist. 

Les Lampman
Whidbey Island, WA
Sr. q-list virtual member AARP (BG)
V8Q, 100CS

<<<My A4's windshield was only about $300 for an exact aftermarket

Dave Conner wrote:

> Dan asks...
> >    Now, the question I have is how expensive are the Audi windshields
> >with the built in antenna, as I need to replace mine soon???  Expensive,
> >I am guessing.
> The guy who had that windshield installed told me he paid $850 (!).
> Dave Conner
> Columbus, OH
> 87 5KS
> 89 100E
> 86 4KCSQ
> 91 200Q Avant (Gone, but not forgotten)