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195/60/14 snows still available

Sorry for the spam.

Just a last heads up before I offer these to the VW newsgroup.
I *know* these are a steal, and wouldn't mind holding them,
but my wife is bugging me about the basement
looking like the back room in a tire shop (but honey, that's how
*all* the listers' basements look, plus they have engines...)

Two sets are spoken for, I have five sets total.  My brother in
law was interested in keeping a set and I'm thinking about doing
the same, though I think we'd both sell if anyone wanted them
since neither of us needs them at the moment.

So, at least one set left, possibly three.

If you need rims for snows they can be had for close to nothing.
For around $300 or so, you'll have something comparable to
what Tire Rack sells for $500 (my BIL suggested trying to find
rims and offer these as sets, but I don't have the time or

The tires are:
BFG Radial T/A WR performance snows.  S rated, studdable.
Ideal for 4kq/CGT/80q/90q, maybe Quantum Syncro.

$150+shipping (figure $170, I'll reimburse if shipping is less
and eat it if it's more).  

I know it's 60 degrees today (in NY anyway) but snow is coming.
(anyone notice they recycled the commercial with the eskimo
teaching his son tracks?  "deer...bear...audi quattro")

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