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Re: Idle Problems on V8

> Ahh- come on Mike, don't discourage the guy. You know you love your V8!!

ok, your right I do :-)  I just don't like the tucking I get when I have to
buy parts  :-(

I must also say in defense of the V8,  Don't take it to go look at other car's.

I've passed on many a vehicle for my wife because they didn't ride as nice as the V8,
weren't as quiet, didn't have the same kind of power..... etc..

This list includes an A4 1.8tq, 900s, and an 850GLT.....  The A4 was the best, but not 
as solid or quiet as the V8.  I don't blame the car though, it's much smaller and lighter.

These cars where all brand new too.  The V8 has just over a 100k now.

Mike L.
90 V8 (100.5k)
89 100 Avant (132k)

> Frank Santoro
> 1990 V8 (for sale)
> 1998 A8