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S6 owners, please read(if you have a shop manual)

Greetings S6 owners, us 200q20v folks have an idea.  We'd love to replace 
the "fugly"(as Rob Winchell put it) climate control head with the spiffy 
one in your S6's.

However, I need info that's in the S6 shop manual, like how the flaps are 
all set up, how they're controlled(ie, solenoid?  Servo?  If it's 
servo-controlled, we're in trouble.)  I also need a pinout diagram for any 
connectors on the back, etc.  It may be that I take one look at it and 
realize that it's impossible, or it may still look feasable.

Who can help out?  I'd need these pages scanned or faxed.  It would be a 
big help, and you'd get all sorts of wonderful credit and the adoration of 
type 44 owners everywhere :)

Bonus points for scanned images, they'll satisfy my instant-gratification 
needs and short attention span :)

Or, if there's an S6 owner in the boston area, I could borrow the book with 
the CC head info for a couple days.  I'd be happy to drive out and pick it 
up+return it, no problem.  I'm in Wayland, so if you're in springfield, 
there's no way :)

Brett Dikeman
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