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Manuals for a '91 V8Q

Help!  I am a new owner of a '91 V8 quattro automatic and would like to
know more about the systems in the car.  Called Bentley and this car is not
covered in their manuals - at least that is what the service person on the
phone said.  Can someone out there help me?  I almost plunked down the
money for the 100,200 manuals thinking this was covered in there.  Glad I
did not do that.

Also, who is the best at small replacement parts?  Any internet favorites
or is my best bet my local dealer?

Plan to join the Q club out of Minnesota.  I want to keep this car on the
road for about a quarter million or so miles.

Car hits the road tomorrow to be registered in WI.  Now to get rid my Ford
Snore-us which was/is very dependable but oh so boring.

John Mosko