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Re: Audi advert

In message <00e501be1d80$dc8b7920$7c4b95c1@default> "Jim Haseltine" writes:

> Botch now, pay later.
> Lovely isn't it? We think so. Which is why it needs looking after properly.
> The best way to keep you Audi this desirable is to use the unrivalled
> expertise of an Audi Centre. Our engineers know an Audi inside out, and use
> parts approved by the people who built the cars. Not only does this give you
> peace of mind behind the wheel, it also gives piece of mind to any
> prospective buyers. Not that you'd ever want to sell it of course.

Auf Deutsch gibt's dafuer einen Ausdruck - "eine bodenlose Frechheit".

Audi sollte sich schaemen.  Was wir ur-quattro Besitzer von Audi (UK) als 
Unterstuetzung bekommen ist ein Witz.  Ein schlechter Witz.

 Phil Payne
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