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Re: What is the best Thermostat temp?

This is my 4th Audi (this time an 86 5k CD tq) but they all did that. The
temperature ranged between about 80C-110C depending on outside temperature, and
driving conditions. I am also curious to get an answer from someone with more
experience why that is. I had an old MB 200. Once it warmed up the temp guage
didn't move. Why does the Audi's?

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> I would definitely leave it alone!
> Cooler thermostats cause excess cylinder wall wear.
> Audi knows best with their engines.  Trust 'em, honestly!  Car
> manufacturers go to great lengths to determine these things, much better
> than we email-monkeys(sorta like grease monkeys, only we use email :)
> I think you've got a case of Fiddle-itis.  I'm a former victim.  Everything
> in the car looks lousy or ill-designed by the OEM when one is afflicted
> with Fiddleitis.  The noted exception is the GM A/C controller head, which
> about everyone who's seen it, wonders why the hell it lasted in the type 44
> cars until 1991 and why it wasn't dumped after 2 years.  At least the
> second-generation units(ie, after 1985-86) didn't burn up after a year or
> two...
> Ugliest damn thing....ask anyone on the 200q20v list.  We desperately
> wanted to figure out how to pop in an S6/S4 head...they look SO much better.
> Anyone with a donor S4/S6 unit, please let us know.  Back-burner project,
> but I think it can be done!
> Brett
> > I need to replace mine and am wondering what is the best all around
> > te4mperature switch.  I drive in much snow in the winter but summers get
> > up to 100 degrees.  THis is for a 4kq.  Also, what should be used in an MC
> > turbo motor.  Same unit?  Same temp.
> >       How much should these be?  THanks and sorry for the peddly
> > questions.  L8R
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