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Help! Firewall Giving Way

I think I have a real problem with my "new" '87 4kq.  I had noticed that 
the clutch was a bit squishy, but figured the hydraulic clutch needed 
bleeding or might be leaking.  I took a peek under the dash with a 
flashlight yesterday and discovered that the firewall around where the 
clutch actuating rod goes through the firewall to the master cyinder is 
actually fatigued to the point that it has ripped three or four inches 
across the top all the way to where 1" worth of power cables breach the 

It is a mess!  There is not much room in there to rig a patch and I 
desperately seek your collective input.  I figure that the only way that 
I am going to be able to fix it is to pull everything out (all cables, 
brake master, clutch master, peddles, steering, etc (yikes!)) and get a 
donor firewall to weld in.

Has anyone else ever had this problem (could I be so lucky to be the 
only one?).  If so, please let me know what you have done to remedy the 

Matthew Brenengen

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