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Re: Best temp..now AC controller


     I think your nuts!!!  I personally think the type 44 AC Delco
electronic climate control unit is the best one on Audis yet!  It is
simple and it works.  I've never had one go bad on me, and you can
always repair it cheap from parts out of a Buick or Caddy unit (same
darn thing).

     I, however, absolutely HATE the new ones.  My mom has an A6Q and I
still can't figure out how to set that $%#*(@ thing right!  I don't
understand it, but I guess I am an idiot.  I don't understand why you
are able to adjust fan speed on auto???  I don't know...but I am very
happy with my 200tq and it's AC Delco unit!  Works for me.  Now if my
interior temp sensors were working right, I'd be great!

     1990 200tq...w/ old fashoned Delco AC controller!