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Re: Smokin V8!

In a message dated 12/1/98 9:07:53 PM Eastern Standard Time,
Scott.Galbraith@colorado.edu writes:

<< Help! My V8 has developed a serious smoking problem.  I think it is an oil
 leak that is droping on the exaust.  Please tell me that there is a simple
 solution or that I am wrong with my prognosis!  Any BT/DT's would be
 greatly appreciated.  The car is definatley not over heating, the smoking
 starts after only about five minutes of driving.  The oil level hasnt
 dropped at all in the last 1800 miles. (just drove it from PA to CO,
 smoking noticed halfway through kansas.)
 Thanks for any advice >>
Scott- You are about to find out how great this list is! You may be in luck,
this happened to me , and the listers consensus was a bad rear main seal. I
happened to be fixing my cruise control, and had the air box out. I noticed a
breather hose running from the back of the head to an outlet in the block
below the box was disentegrated causing oil to drip on a hot exhaust part.
There is also a breather hose under the plastic engine cover which connectd
the two heads. good chance this is bad also. I tried rigging new home made
hoses for these, but gave up do to the limited clearances and wierd bends.
Prolly cost you $40 for both at the dealer(argh).HTH
Frank Santoro
1990 V8 (for sale)
1998 A8