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Re: Smokin V8!

Roland- You are the second person to ask that question, so I will answer to
the list. Its quite simple, the heads have slots on the nub which the hose
connects to. The hose is designed with a tang which t fits into the slot, and
holds the hose on. You have to twist the hose after its on the nub to get the
two parts to align. The new hoses can take the twist, the old ones won't, they
must be broken off.HTH
Frank Santoro
1990 V8(for sale)
1998 A8
Mr. Santoro, I too have been through all of these but the head to head
How did you change that without pulling the mainfold, or did you?

> .... a breather hose under the plastic engine cover which connectd
> the two heads.