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Re: Misc Ramblings

Todd Young wrote:
> Third, 29.6mpg from a '93 90S V6! I have no idea how I managed that. The
> trip out involved speeds from dead stop in traffic to 95mph out on I94
> in Wisconsin. Most of the time I tried to follow behind fast moving
> traffic, but occasionally I got out front myself. I managed to almost
> repeat the mileage on the return trip (29.2mpg).

The V6 is great for highway miles, I think I get best mileage if I set
the cruise control at about 75-80mph and leave it there.
> Fourth, I replaced the restrictive air intake tube between the air
> deflector behind the headlight and the air filter box with a piece of 3
> inch ABS pipe. Took most of an afternoon of dinking around to make it
> fit. The main problem was getting the hole right in the deflector, the
> filter box was easy. The engine now seems to have a bit more "life", I
> find it very easy to bring the revs up to 3500 before shifting, whereas
> before I usually only went up to 3000rpms, unless I was in a hurry. I
> also removed and cleaned out the plastic plenum leading up to the
> throttle body, specifically the tubes that scavenge blow by gases from
> the cylinder heads. "Carb cleaner" type spray will not melt this plastic
> tube. I'll probably write up a brief description for Elliot Potter's 12V
> Page, but in the mean time if anyone needs advice on it, drop me a line.

This goes very well with the K&N panel filter, and probably the throttle
body mod (I'll know if I ever get one.......).  I think that the intake
tube is probably one of the smallest parts of the whole system.  I've
got a setup right now using a 4" polypropylene dryer vent hose and a 4"
-> 3" ductwork converter...I think there's a brief writeup in the 12v
I think that the 12v's air intake setup really kills it; looking at the
engine training booklet I see a couple of things that could be tweaked
to make it more efficient...someday when I have time (yea right) I'll
try poking around with a few things.  In the meantime, a K&N + this air
intake tube really helps it out between about 3000-3700rpm's.  A
worthwhile mod for 12v owners, especially since it's very cheap!

BTW, people are welcome to make submissions to the 12v pages, including
data!  Someday I plan to sit down and make the site marginally useful to
people with cars besides the 90.
> NOTE for E. Potter: I haven't forgotten about the gage cluster R&R, will
> try to get both write ups done soon. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera
> this weekend so I don't have any "in progress" pictures of the air tube
> upgrade, I will take some of how it looks now, once we get a sunny day.
That's OK, I probably won't have time to get to it until Feb-March

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