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Re: 83 UrQ (fwd)


I'm not by any means an expert, but an '83 urQ has been my daily driver for
@ 8 years now (and still happily counting).  A few comments below.  Nothing
drastic, but it needs to be carefully checked.


At 11:44 AM 12/1/98 -0600, William J Murin wrote:
>A couple or 3 weeks ago I posted information from an ad for an '83 UrQ 
>that had been for ale in the Chicago Tribune.
>I contacted the owner and received the following information from him on
>Nov. 19.
>Asking price on the car was $9900.
>List member Bill Elliott who has an '85 UrQ suggested I post the info on
>the car to get reactions to the work that has been done.
>I'm not sure how interested I am in the car.  While I'm 2/3 serious about
>getting an UrQ, I dont know if this is the one for me even though its only
>100 miles from home.
>I'd appreciate any comments anyone would care to make.
>For anyone interested in the car for themselves I cangive you the name and
>e-mail address of the owner.
>Bill Murin
>89 100q
>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 20:38:19 EST
>Subject: Re: 83 UrQ
>Heres the long story on the car.  I believe that I am the second owner but
>then again I don't really care if I'm not.  It was in an accident and was
>fixed at that time, 

Red flag; worth having checked carefully, but I wouldn't rule it out just
for this reason.

if I still own the car in the spring I was going to paint
>the thing and if I find any work ( factory or otherwise ) that I don't like I
>will fix it.
>I bought the car as a non-runner a few years back,  not suprisingly some bad
>wiring was keeping it from running,  there was also enough vacuum leaks to
>make it run rather poorly.  Since then the parts I have replaced are listed
>below (most from IPC,  should be a fairly complete list): Fuse box and some
>connectors, spark plugs, cap/rotor, wires, O2 sensor, timing belt, fan belts,
>water pump, thermostat, all hoses, fuel filters - pre and main, Fuel
>injectors, rebuilt turbo, new studs for the exhaust manifold ( I also have a
>spare manifold), air intake elbow, upper strut bearings, wheel bearings,
>ball joints, engine mounts, transmission mounts, the rear subframe mounts are
>aluminum as are the two front mounts on the front subframe, clutch master and
>slave cylinders, 

Lots of good stuff here.  Some that I haven't replaced in 8 years.

>new brake master cylinder,  the brakes are now vacuum assist
>( the hydraulic assist took a poop and was very expensive and way overboard,
>if porche deems vacuum assist on 944 turbos is adequate its good enough for

Hmmmmmmmmmm.  I love DIY auto engineering, preferably at a distance.

>the rear  rotors are same rotors that are used on the front and I made
>brackets to attach  rear calipers from 89 corvettes, '90 camaros and
>(yes dorothy, they have parking brakes), the front calipers are new and the
>hard lines to the rear have been replaced.

This may be a first.  Why mess with the stock rear brakes, and keep the
factory front brakes that do all the work.

>That should pretty much cover the stock stuff,  the "performance" stuff is an
>aluminum radiator from Dialnyx ( no secondary ), Koni shocks,  Borbet type
>16 inch wheels, Dunlop D40-M2 tires ( new spring '98 ), 1884 4000 quattro
>transmission and rear diff which has the 4:11 gears,  Scorpion exhaust,  Abt
>dash currently with just the boost gage installed,  I also have a Group A
>valve that I have not installed yet.  I have the stock transmission, wheels,
>and exhaust,  Fiche reader and fiche for the car, Bentley and the supplement
>manual, also an 86 MC engine if desired ( toyed with the idea of a bigger
>displacement engine, also of moving into the 1990's with electronic fuel
>injection but thats another story).
>I forgot to add new a/c compressor, receiver drier and o-rings,  recently
>checked and recharged with R134,  

This conversion could be interesting.

>Currently the things not working are
>cruise control because I haven't put it back in yet,  the rear window
>washer because the resevoir has a broken tab and the radio because it
>doesn't have one