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Re: 88 80q needs paint

 River6822@aol.com writes:

>I took it for an estimate today---- $2100--- 

>I would like to have the car painted pearl white instead. The body 

Be prepared to spend at least that out of pocket also.  The Pearl is
multi-stage paint, paint and materials alone will be in the
neighborhood of $1500. The rest is a major undertaking if you
want the job done right.  

The nicest Pearl White I've ever seen was on a Porsche 911, I
inquired about painting the V8Q the same pearl when it had
some "vandalism" damage and found out that the Porsche
Pearl White for that year was no longer available stateside
because of regs.  

The Audi 1990+ pearl white is a nice color, you have to 
get a bodyman that knows his way around it.  I made the
mistake of thinking that the dealers bodyshop (Clair)
would know how to work on an Audi...a long story, in
the archives somewhere.  Suffice to say, it'll look 
like oyster dirt instead of pearl if you don't apply
and prep correctly.

Whether to do it or not, if economics were the
only factor involved, there'd probably be 4
people on this list...



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