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Which is nicer: burgundy colour or silver/grey on audi 200? :)


I'm going to look at another 1992 Audi 200 (10-valve MC-1)
this evening. I might buy it provided I can sell my '89 200.
Thing is I've become attached to the colour of my car, a
metallic burgundy red (like a light red whine). The other
car is silver/grey and apparently in outstanding condition
(will find out tonight :) ). What do you folks like:
burgundy or silver/grey on the type-44 car? I have to
admit the burgundy is the colour for the car, it fits in
nicely with the red taillights (standard in South Africa,
fitted to V8 elsewhere). Then again, they stand out pretty
nicely on the silver/grey cars, too. Eek!

Sorry for WOB! :)



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