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Re: Smokin V8!

GALBRAITH  SCOTT ALINGTON <Scott.Galbraith@Colorado.EDU> writes:

>Help! My V8 has developed a serious smoking problem.  I think it is an 
>oil leak that is droping on the exaust.  Please tell me that there is a 

>The oil level hasnt dropped at all in the last 1800 miles. 

Could be a Pento$in or coolant leak.  Check your hoses 
and connections, considering the size of the green gold
reservoir on the V8Q, it can leak for a long time 
before the buoy sets off the cluster indicator.

If the smoke is intermittent and seems to be coming from
the passenger side, check the connections and hoses at
the coolant reservoir, if it's factory it's about at the
end of it's useful life.  A very slight drip will cause
plumes of oily smelling white smoke if it hits the
manifold. BTDT

There are some coolant O-rings that a few listers have 
discoved to be leaking from the sides of the head.  These 
can be mistaken for oil burning because it carries engine 
grime with it to the manifold.

Distributor O-rings, and the usual suspects common to 
all engines should be checked too.  Has to be a
stain or two on the exhaust to indicate where it's
coming from.  

These are just things to check AFTER you've done the 
breather hoses suggested by a fellow lister.



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