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Re: What is the best Thermostat temp?

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Brett Dikeman wrote:

> I would definitely leave it alone!
> Cooler thermostats cause excess cylinder wall wear.

Todd said,
	Leave it alone,  It is stuck wide open and on the highway I cant even 
get heat the car runs so cool.  Talk about exxessive cyl wall wear. ANd, 
I know on the UR-Q a different thermostat does make it run better. 

I need to know the thermostat that will make my UrQ run better;^)
Q) If it is warm enough for my car to run @ 95C, does it matter whether 
I have an 80C or 90C thermostat?
A) No, once the thermostat opens, your car will settle on a temp above 
that unless your in a low temp clime and then thermostat choice is more 
relavent.  If you do get excessive wear, it would only be for the amount 
of time it takes the engine to surpass the loower temp and attian the 
temp of a higher thermostat.  AT this point the thermostat just acts, as 
someone mentioned, as a flow restrictor.  If your not getting heat in 
the winter and all systems are working properly, try blocking the front 
of the rad like trucks do.

Q) Why does the temp move around on Audis?
IME, these guages are pretty accurate and sensative on the Audis.  My 
UrQ and 5000 also move as the fan cycles on and off, you can see the 
temp drop as the fan does its job, comforting.  Also on the UrQ the 
wiring is so bad the use of any electricity besides the radio will cause 
all my gauges to err on the worry side, ie, temp goes up, oil press 
down.  Putting the sensor in the back may be more stable, but I'd rather 
know the temp as it exits the head after it has absorbed all the engine 
heat possible, I doubt the fan effects the sensor much beneath the hose 
and goose neck etc.

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