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FREE: SUN 2 gas analyzer

About a year ago, I offered up a sun 2 gas analyzer for sale and had allot
of inquiries. Because I really wasn't able to ship it, and no one local to
Reading Pa. was interested, I kind of stuffed it back into the corner.
WELL, it's no FREE!! How about that! The reason it is free is that #1 it
didn't work when it was 'parked' (I think it needed filters and a good
calibration) and #2 this wingnut clean-up kid (that we have since fired)
snipped off the electrical cord and the air hose to use on one of his silly
projects. Both cord and hose can be replaced I'm sure. 

So, if I don't hear from any interested parties in a week or two, I'm
throwing the thing out!! It's not real small, so I"m not really in the mood
to hunt down a box to ship it. If you need any other info and arew serious
about wanting it, let me know.  ALSO, I think we have another 2 gas
analyzer, which is a little smaller and is also in need of some work. I
think that might be around $50 though.

                       Rolf Mair is: waves@epix.net
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               1994-97 East Coast USA SCCA Solo 1 Champion