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Re: 88 80q needs paint

If you have a Bentley manual or access to one, turn to section 50.18 for a good
outline of the procedure. Still, what is required but not mentioned is about 10
years experience painting cars to have a hope of getting it right.


River6822@aol.com wrote:

> I took the car to the insurance adjuster today. For the first time in my life
> it went well. He agreed with the estimate and they are going to cover the
> estimated $2100 in damage.
> As for the multi step Pearl color----- Is there some one who could explain the
> steps to me so that I can be sure that I am getting the proper work done ?
> The job includes door, trunk, and hood jambs, but not the total underside of
> the trunk lid or the underside of the hood. The underside of the hood has
> insulation on it anyway and the underside of the trunk lid-- I don't care.
> Any opinions still greatly appreciated.
> River6822@aol.com
> 88 80q
> http://members.aol.com/river6822