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RE: 82 Coupe clutch questions.

Hello again,

In the spirit of the dearth of responses to my previous post :^), I will
try to shed (shade?) some more darkness on my clutch trials.  I adjusted
the clutch activation arm on the transmission to the specified
value in the Bentley, 7 19/32 inches.  This is way off.  It would
never work.  I eventually put it almost back to where it was (about
9 inches).  The clutch pedal freeplay is supposed to be about an inch.
At that amount, the throw-out bearing will contact the pressure plate
spring near the start of the clutch pedal travel.  I noticed that the
pedal does not have to be pressed very far to completely release the
clutch.  Maybe it is halfway to the floor.  If you keep pressing the
clutch pedal to the floor, the throw-out bearing will be pressed into
the diaphragm spring even farther.  (This is a manual clutch, not hydraulic.)
I think that this causes my problems.  Does anybody know what these
adjustments should be?

I had an offlist discussion with another list member a year ago about
this.  Unfortunately I lost his e-mails.  Was it Mik Tip(ton?)?  This
is the 093 transmission.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe

Massachusetts, USA