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RE: Manuals for a '91 V8Q

> I have found a few other documents that Dyment has that might be of
> interest to V8 owners ... prices are in US dollars and do not include
> taxes or shipping ...
> W42 501 141 F - 	1990-91 V8Q Wiring Diagrams (microfiche) [$10]
> W42 901 501 160 - 	1990 100/200/V8 Wiring Diagrams (paper) [$??]
> W42 911 501 160 1 - 	1991 100/200/V8 Wiring Diagrams (paper) [$48]
> W42 WD Book AU 02 - 	1992-94 V8 Wiring Diagrams [$21]
> WSP 521 201 00 - 	Audi V8Q Service Training Manual [$15]
I looked through the books I have collected on the V8 and found that I
already had a copy of the service training manual, so I thought I'd give it
a mini-review ...The book is about 100 pages, softbound with B&W
illustrations.  It is quite similar to the IST documents for the quattro
coupe (which also seem to be available from Dyment, BTW).  I think it is a
good integrated overview of all of the systems in the car, much more so than
you would see in a service manual, which tends to deal with each subsystem
individually.  It has sections on the engine, tranny, suspension, brakes,
steering, body, electical system and even details on the built in cell phone
and diagnosis with the VAG1551.  It talks in some detail about materials and
techniques that were used and the tradeoffs that were made.  I don't
remember how much I paid for my copy, but the $15 that Dyment wants for it
is a reasonable price IMO.  

I also have a copy of a document called 1991 Model Change Information (WSP
521 211 00) which I did not list before, but is available from Dyment.  This
book has an overview of the changes for all of the models in the line (80,
90, Coupe Quattro, 100, 200 & V8 Quattro).  This book is also softbound and
is 50 pages.  This book has sections describing the new 20V turbo in the
200Q (2 pages), Servotronic (12 pages), V8 5-speed tranny (4 pages), 097
4-speed slushbox, Shift Lock 3, [V8] "Comfort Features" (i.e. closing
windows & sunroof by holding door key in lock position), Coupe sunroof with
automatic preselection, and voice activated telephone.  I find this book to
be informative, as I own a '91 V8/5-speed, but others may not find it that
useful.  I don't know how much Dyment wants for this book.

Finally, I wanted to pass along info about another book which I don't see
Dyment listing ... the title is "Sales Training Information, 1991
Engineering Factbook Audi V8 Quattro" and the part number is W35 091 1101 C.
This book is a 50 page color book which describes the car from and
engineering standpoint for the salesman ... (sounds like an oxymoron to me
... :).  This book has a good overview of the company and the developments
that led up to the creation of the V8Q ... with some wonderful color cutaway
drawings.  I have already scanned my favorites in, which I plan to put on a
website someday ... my absolute favorite is a picture of an engine on a test
stand ... it looks like the engine is just sitting there, but the exhaust
headers, downpipe, etc. are glowing orange ... :-)  I don't know how one
would get a copy of this book, but if you do see one listed somewhere this
should give you more info about what is inside ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)