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FW: 12v -> 30v

Well to be more exact some good difference on V6 since they was made
begining in 1992...some different on newly V6 are..new oil circuit..aluminum
piston(30V) and how the cilinder head(30V)are lubricated...is not good deal
to made a 12v to 30V to much thing to do...reconsider this..wait until some
one crash a 30V..it's a little bit more easy to fit a 30V engine in place of
12v engine..,about flywheel...some diferrent in reference mark sensor..but
it's not difficult if you have a good resourse in Audi work..Good luk!!!!!
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merlin wrote:
> How difficult and/or expensive would it be to put a 30 valve head on my 12
> valve 1996 A4q?
> merlin

I don't know much about the Audi V6s, but I did read in EC a while ago that
the 12V and 30V are EXACTLY the same below the head.

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