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inner tie rods

All 4 tie rods on my '86 4kq with 162K miles are frozen.  Rears are on the
way from TPC (this week's sale item P/N 857 501 499C, $69.95), front left
asssembly is on order locally (P/N 811 419 801E), my problem is with the
right front.  The adjusting mechanism is frozen to the outer and absolutely
will not come free.  It appears there was a running change in 1986 to all
models right front at VIN G 160000.  4kq tie rod assemblies before this VIN
are easily and cheaply available aftermarket (P/N 811 419 802J).  My VIN is
G 181754, well after the change.  This tie rod is only available from the
dealer and runs $130 at Carlsen (P/N 811 419 802K).  I can salvage the
adjusting mechanism from the parts car and just replace the right front
outer.  My question is this: how does one know if the inner is worn?  For
the other 3 corners I don't have a choice but to replace the whole assembly.
This one I do, and the price difference is very significant if I can limit
the parts to outer only.  However, I don't want to go in there again next
month to replace the inner.  If the inner will need replacing in the next
year, I want to do it now.  There is a bit of play in the rod assembly front
to rear when I push and pull on the adjusting mechanism with everything
locked up tight.


Denise Riley