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Re: audi website

Ah, someone else who always drops the html at the end and starts poking
around....  Most useful when scouring for pics.  Last time I looked (a
while ago), there were loads of pics in the motorsports directories that
weren't linked.  I just dump the top URL into "Teleport Pro" and it grabs
everything in the directory and below....

At 06:54 PM 12/2/1998 ,  c a l i b a n was inspired to say:
>  	they have not disabled director indexing on the audi 
>  	worldwide site, so there are some intersting spots 
>  	to bum around in.  stuff i am not sure is linked to
>  	from the main site - 
>  	http://www.audi.com/java/models/stage/a3haerte_test/crash/
>  	http://www.audi.com/java/models/stage/
>  	etc etc.  maybe there's some sekritz!

	88 90Q "Hannu" - K+N, new vac hoses, still 0.0 bar....
	88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally