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trip to Chicago

Hello everyone!

Well, I have decided to get the 4kq ready for a trip to Chicago...
I have recently changed all gear oil, lubed driveshaft, tune up, cambelt etc...
I am getting a set of Pirelli 700Z's and I should be good to go...
Anything I should do besides change oil and complete inspection before 
leaving on a 14-16 hour drive from Texas???

Also, if I run into snow should I drive with the center locked for maximum
control??? I know the Pirelli's are not good for snow but they are better
than what I currently have and I DO live in Texas....

One last thing.... ANyone know of any Audi 4000q's in the Chicagoland are
parts cars preferably.... looking for a good used gear box w/center diff..

Rich Andrews
'86 4kq