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RE: daily update

	cool, i'll see about checking those nuts being lose
	or not.  that's a pretty hard task, ain't it?

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Buchholz, Steven wrote:

:|> 	yeah, it sounds like a tick.  people initially thought is
:|> 	sounds like lifters.
:|> 	anyway, it's hard to give this kind of estimate, but if
:|> 	this just started say 150 miles ago, about how much more
:|> 	driving can i do before i *must* do the fix?  i'll ask 
:|> 	about the fix later...
:|... you're engine has no lifters ... it has manually adjusted tappets ...
:|perhaps it needs to have the valves adjusted.  You just had a head gasket
:|done, didn't you (or am I getting you confused with Michael W)? ... If you
:|did, then it may be as simple as one of the nuts that attaches the exh
:|manifold to the head have worked loose.  You might want to get in there ASAP
:|to see if this is the case ... I'd be worried that a loose nut there might
:|convince the EM that it needs to assume a warped position ... which would be
:|a bad thing.  
:|If you did just have the head gasket done, and the person who did the work
:|didn't check the flatness of the EM ... I know I'd be calling them up to
:|give them a talking to ...
:|Steve Buchholz
:|San Jose, CA (USA)

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