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Re: Hotdog diagnosis attempt

Hotdog I will attempt to be.

Back in my youth, I had an old Scirocco that had the exact symptom which
you described. But, instead of slamming the trunk, I would kick the fuel

I would go to the store. Come out of the store. Attempt to start my car.
Neh-neh-neh-neh-neh-neh-neh-neh-neh. Get out of the car. [grumbling under
breath] "Fricken' damn piece of crap little German
sh*t-box.........".....*kick,kick*.... Get back in the car.
Neh-neh-vrrroooooom! On my merry way.

My fuel pump worked fine, but it would "stick" and need a little help to
get going once in a while. The connections were fine, and the wiring was ok
also. As I recall, it was a quite noisy little thing, too. Passengers would
always ask "what's that buzzing sound?" ".....uh....its fuel injected, its
supposed to make that sound." (yeah right).

The trunk slamming action could of been enough of a shock to kick-start
your senoir
citizen of a fuel pump.

Check out your pump connections first before you go running off to buy a
new one. Fuel pumps aren't cheap, and there's no sense in replacing a
perfectly good pump. 

Also investigate your hot-start pulse relay. It fires off the cold start
injector a little bit to help the car start when it is hot.

But it sounds like its the pump sticking. If you can manage to
involuntarily re-enact your airport fiasco, try slamming the trunk again,
or pounding on the gas tank or pump (wherever the pump resides) and see if
the car starts.

Now, got any mustard?

Chris Bishop

>  I am looking for the precise cause. That means you have to stick your
neck out and pick the most likely possibility.